Success Stories
 Nutel Communications Success Story

At the beginning of 2001, Nutel a wholesale traffic carrier faced the need to replace its current VoIP billing system. That risky business move was necessitated by the lack of critical features in the billing system for the effective management and transparency in business operations.


Nutel Communications

Nutel Communications is a global VoIP carrier with own switch facilities in numerous geographic locations, including New York, London, Frankfurt, and Vienna, where facilities are interconnected with TIER 1 companies. The company offers direct routes to carriers for termination as well as origination for traffic termination. Established in the United States in 1998, Nutel s core business is providing premium telecommunication services and solutions for the VoIP industry.

Market Conditions

For the development of their business strategy, Nutel were concerned primarily by carrier service supply by regions there was not much room for start-up carriers in the Far East, for example, where the termination and origination service margins signaled an almost perfect competition. At the same time there were many underdeveloped regions like Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa with tele-density much below the levels in the rest of the world (in some African countries tele-density was even below 2%). The market conditions forced the majority of carrier companies, including Nutel, to start building their VoIP infrastructure at strategic locations in the countries with developing telecommunications.


There were many business challenges to be faced by the start-up carrier: finding reliable carrier partners, fast development of VoIP infrastructure network etc.

To organize and exert good control over its wholesale business, Nutel needed a practical tool for billing customers and making optimal routing and rerouting that would ultimately decrease the costs of their service and bring better price margins.

Nutel had already purchased a license for a VoIP billing system, but once real negotiations with partners and clients started, management realized that the billing system cannot deal with some details that emerge in the process of carrying out business. These feature shortages were crucial for the provisioning of Nutel s wholesale services. Therefore one of the major operational challenges of Nutel was the replacement of their current VoIP billing system with one that would be more relevant to their business case.


The carriers VoIP billing of EyeBill turned to be just the right solution for Nutel in contrast with Nutel s available billing system, EyeBill was developed in a close cooperation with an alternative telecom (refer to Nexcom case study), so it incorporated the very specific requirements of typical VoIP business. There are two highlights in the Nutel case:

Least Cost Routing

In contrast to Nutel s previous VoIP billing, EyeBill billing incorporated that convenient function. The LCR made it possible for management to enter the A-to-Z destinations of their wholesale partners in the billing database and then automatically process data to find the most efficient routes just with a push of a button.


Instead of doing reports by hand, as it was with their previous billing platform, with EyeBill VoIP billing platform Nutel were already able to prepare automatic reports even on a daily basis. Management provided much less labor and time input into gathering reports:

  • By carrier route for termination
  • By carrier route for origination
  • By international carrier prefixes to estimate traffic by country
  • Etc.

Real-time monitoring

Nutel could easily input pricing data and monitor in real time the cost of the routing service. Other typical reports, valued by Nutel, became the Average Call Duration. Report (ACD) and Call Completion Ration report, which added to the ability of Nutel to control the quality of the routing service and receive updated info about all aspects of their carrier business


Nutel gained:

  • Better control over their VoIP wholesale business.
  • Thanks to the advanced reporting functions, the company gained a vital knowledge of Termination and origination services per destination, which assisted management in choosing the most strategic locations for placing infrastructure.
  • Improved management efficiency
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