What is an EyeBill Billing platform?

It is web-based module software that covers any business model within telecom services industry – in the Prepaid, Postpaid and Wholesale business. The purpose of the billing system is to authenticate and authorize clients of a VoIP or an ISP and account their usage of the services.

What kind of customers is EyeBill platform designed for?

The platform is an irreplaceable tool for any business model within telecom services industry – the Prepaid, Postpaid and Wholesale businesses, including Call Shop business. EyeBill Multi-Services Billing Platform is designed for start-ups, small and medium-sized telecoms, VoIPs, ISPs, and ASPs that offer a wide range of services for their clients.

What is the license policy for the EyeBill product?

You can buy a license for the following products:

  1. EyeBill Standard Edition - Standard Edition is a prepaid billing platform designed for small companies seeking affordable and risk-free implementation of EyeBill billing platform. EyeBill Standard package includes all basic components needed for prepaid calling cards. Upon purchase you receive an unlimited one-time license.
  2. EyeBill Standard Optional – EyeBill Standard Optional is a billing system tailored entirely to the customers’ preferences. It is based on the EyeBill Standard Edition upgraded with fixed-price modules of your choice to fit your business model. You receive a license for the Standard Edition in combination with licenses for the additional modules.
  3. EyeBill Enterprice Edition - EyeBill Enterprise Edition is designed for high performance and high scalability required by middle and high-end companies. It can operate on a scale that exceeds 50 Million minutes monthly traffic without experiencing difficulties. The license is based on your planned monthly traffic expressed in minutes per month.

Are there any differences between the features of EyeBill Standard Edition, Standard Optional and EyeBill Enterprice Edition?

Yes. The main difference is that EyeBill Standard Edition is a billing platform designed for prepaid service providers while EyeBill Enterprice Edition is suitable for both pre- and post-paid service providers. Therefore the Enterprise Edition is built on a much more powerful Real Time Server that allows for reaching higher scalability needed by big carriers and VoIP providers. The Enterprice Edition is a multiple billing platform that constitutes a powerful combination of all the features of EyeBill Standard and Standard Optional Edition.

Are there any differences in the price models between EyeBill Standard Edition and EyeBill Enterprice Edition?

Yes. EyeBill Standard Edition has a fixed price. However, it is recommended for start up companies whose traffic is up to 2 000 000 min/month. EyeBill Enterprise Edition’s price policy is based on your traffic estimated in minutes per month.

What kind of business models does EyeBill Enterprise Edition support?

EyeBill Multi-Services Billing Platform supports all of the following business models:

  • Voice Over IP origination and termination
  • VoIP Prepaid Calling cards
  • VoIP Postpaid services
  • VoIP Callshops
  • PC2Phone billing
  • Wholesale traffic
  • Internet Access
  • Wireless LAN

What kind of hardware equipment does EyeBill use?

EyeBill platform has integration with VocalTec, Cisco, and Quintum VoIP equipment. It has native support for all RADIUS based equipment. The platform is very flexible and open for customization, which gives the opportunity to make integration with other hardware vendors.

What DBMS is used?

EyeBill uses MS SQL sever as a database, which also needs a MS Windows 2000/2003 server.

How long does it take to deploy the system?

It takes less than a week to install the system. The system starts running in production mode in less than half a month.

How flexible are the reports? Can I define my own reports?

Flexibility and customization of reports is one of the main advantages of that billing system. The administrators of the system can create predefined reports for daily use by the employees of the VoIP operator or ISP. The users can also specify and execute personal reports. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically.

How is tariff pricing done?

It enables a one-click entry of all destinations, quick creation of rate cards and drag-and-drop masks generation, which allows for a flexible and easily customizable pricing scheme development. You can create highly sophisticated pricing schemes and add competitive advantage to your marketing and sales divisions. The system allows a quick and easy import of a list of the most commonly used destinations. You can define the desired tariffs by easily converting the complicated marketing and sales pricing strategies into structured schemes. Tariffs for each specified destination and time interval can be either imported or defined online. Additional special features such as special days and rate cards to customize services are adding value to your business as a provider.

How are the PINs generated?

The PINs in the system are generated automatically, with just one push of a button.

What kind of authorization does EyeBill platform allow?

EyeBill Billing Platform allows identification by Username/Password, ANI, IP address, Gateway IP and DNIS.

Do you have a client web portal where my clients can check, view their accounts and change their details?

Yes, we have a very flexible and useful client monitor module that gives the opportunity to the clients to view their call history and invoices as well as edit their personal details.

What kind of parameters can I define regarding different price models?

You have the opportunity to define different price models with different parameters for each client or case. It includes: free time, minimum call duration, maximum call duration, resolution, connection charge, and surcharge. These parameters can be defined by deferent origins (different DNIS or ANI).

Do you support an online payment with credit cards?

Yes, we support credit card online payment.

Do you have Multilanguage Support?

Yes, we have support for English, Spanish, Turkish, and French.

Do you have Multicurrency Support?

Yes, we have Multicurrency Support.

Do you support Least Cost Routing in your Carrier module?

Yes, we support that feature and it is very important part of our wholesale services.

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