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EyeBill VoIP Billing System delivers multi-functionality, flexibility, improved operational efficiency and reliable performance.

Multiple functions

Integration of billing- and management-related functions is the business logic, upon which EyeBill Billing System is built. The system facilitates the administration of:

These functions gravitate around the core functions of billing and rating.

Featuring a fine-tuned combination of vital functions, the system delivers an optimal set of tools that brings simplified services management and greater operational efficiencies to telecommunication companies.

Flexibility and customer-centered approach


  • Configuration of customized rating plans
  • Immediate rate plans/ sales promotions implementation
  • Prepaid, limited postpaid or unlimited postpaid scenarios to each rate plan or customer
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Multi-language support
  • CRM functionalities
  • Customer portal - users sign up for services, monitor their call history and account balance and pay on-line

EyeBill VoIP Billing system offers a pool of billing and rating dependencies:

  • Time
  • Destination
  • Originating gateway
  • DNIS
  • Traffic

You decide on the combination between those dependencies, which leads to unlimited number of billing and rating plans. The latter are stored and assigned to individual clients or client groups, depending on the target customer segmentation of your company. Once those service configurations are ready, your customers can sign up for those services from your website and view their service usage details in real time. EyeBill VoIP Billing system would send e-mail notifications to customers about new pricing or service promotions, low balance (for prepaid users) and any other custom-configured alert.

The flexibility of EyeBill VoIP Billing System makes it possible for telecoms to implement a customer-centered approach to service provisioning.

Empowered management decisions

EyeBill VoIP Billing System empowers decision-making. Thanks to its highly flexible reporting functions managers are able to sift through the call details and customer information and spot trends in service demand, isolate consumption patterns, identify customer target groups, monitor revenue, perform marketing measurements etc.

Reliable performance

EyeBill VoIP Billing System easily handles large and rapidly increasing call traffic volumes. It has been designed to work in a redundancy mode without losing any calls in progress, thus facilitating seamless CDR collection and revenue accounting.

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