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TruNet and Eyebill teams up to deliver a high level VoIP billing solutions in Turkey
EyeBill Interactive Solutions announces it has entered the Turkish market with its first local distribution agreement with the Turkish company TruNet. The company will not be a distributor of EyeBill products only but also will provide first level support and training for the future Eyebill users. The purpose of this partnership is to provide the Turkish VoIP market with a stable and scalable solution and to provide the users with local support offered by professional team of qualified engineers of TruNet. TruNet is a frontier Internet Business Solutions provider, e-Business consulting and development firm that minimizes the risks associated with digitally changing the way business is done by providing rapid solutions to e-business problems. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, TruNet has achieved its goal to become a true leader in web technologies by bringing the firsts to the industry such as online dial-up registration, digital connection with fiber-optic cables and online credit card authorization system. It is committed to delivering a high quality service to its members and customers: a reliable network infrastructure, easy to use Internet software, unique information business know-how, experienced staff with customer satisfaction focus. As time evolved TruNet also positioned itself as a full service e-commerce solutions provider in the industry. EyeBill Platform is a next-generation, flexible module software product covering any business model within telecom services industry Prepaid, Postpaid and Wholesale. EyeBill offers affordable products designed for start-up, small and medium-sized telecommunications companies and also Enterprice level products for big telecoms and carrier grade companies. The software has Multilanguage support, which also includes translation of the product in Turkish language. The translation was done specially for the expanding Turkish market because it is becoming one of the most dynamic market in the region. Turkey VoIP market is expected to be deregulated in 200, my name is Giovanni Alfonso, from Cali, Colombia. I am starting a prepaid callingcard business and I am looking for a billing software to use. Please privide me with pricing information on the billing software. Do you sell it? rent it? or it is pay-as-you-use it. As I said I am just starting and I do not know how many calls I will be procesing per month. Thank

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