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EyeBill billing solves VIVOphone business challenge

Miami, Florida – VIVOphone chose the Enterprise Edition of EyeBill VoIP billing platform as a backbone for their prepaid and wholesale services. Currently VIVOphone employs an ambitious business plan for fast growth in the VoIP market by providing free unlimited phone calls to the end-customers and charging a competitive fee for carriers, interested in using the company’s telecom infrastructure.

“During the search of a billing system, our main concern was whether it can fit our business model. The second one was whether it can run billing in a stable pattern since we want to avoid any losses,” comments Darwin Roach, a CTO of VIVOphone. With EyeBill billing platform VIVOphone will be able to set zero charges for Long Distance Calls to those of its customers who use VIVOphone’s IP devices to connect to any IP Device within the company’s network. The billing system will also be set to charge competitive fees for an IP-to-PSTN connection and for termination services to local carriers. In that way the company successfully targets both end-customers and wholesale traffic businesses. It also achieves a tariff differentiation between IP-to-IP and IP-to-PSTN connection as well as differentiation between long-distance and short-distance communication services, which are the basics of the company’s business model.

The latter is unique for VIVOphone’s geographic region of operations – Latin America – where big communication companies still behave like oligopolies, skimming the local market with relatively high prices and where small start-ups are unable to compete by offering traditional communications services. According to Anton Gavrailov, a BD manager at EyeBill, “…staying ahead of competition and introducing a totally new VoIP model in a market like that is a risky endeavor. Therefore it needs to be secured with wise investment in VoIP billing platform. That is because a good billing system is not a simple device for keeping track of customers’ calls but a tool for defining a type of service and reporting for its market effectiveness through well-developed report functions.”

Being well equipped with advanced software to support its operations, VIVOphone believes its business model will be successful in overcoming the challenges, imposed by the specifics of the Latin American market.

About EyeBill

EyeBill Interactive Solutions is a dynamic company, specialized in delivering expertise in telecom billing and customer care solutions for incumbent telecoms, emerging carriers, voip calling card operators and ISPs. Established in 2000 as a joint venture, EyeBill has expanded to cover all VoIP business models – Corporate, Residential, Prepaid, Postpaid, Calling Cards, Call Shop and Wholesale. EyeBill is recognized as a premium billing solutions providers by its customers worldwide.

About VIVOphone

VIVOphone offers low cost phone services such as local and long distance calling all over the world. Smart and simple way to communicate, VIVOphone offers a selection of phones and communication devices that connect through end-user’s Internet service, allowing them to access the VIVOphone network and make free or low cost LD calls while delivering crystal-clear digitized voice quality.

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