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New External Dynamic Routing Functionality is Introduced by EyeBill Interactive Solutions

Sofia, Bulgaria, (February 21, 2005) — EyeBill Interactive Solutions, a premium provider of VoIP billing solutions, introduces a new and highly efficient type of VoIP Call Routing — the External Dynamic Routing (EDR) functionality. The latter makes it possible for VoIP operators to provide totally customer-driven VoIP call services with stable levels of price and quality, to promote service differentiation and operational savings.

“The external routing, or the routing, managed by a billing system, is getting a more and more preferred option for VoIP carriers and retailers. The reason is that the billing system combines larger amounts of real-time info from its database and performs more sophisticated calculations in real time to come up with an optimal carrier route. The ready-to-go routing plan is then sent to a routing device (softswitch) for implementation”, comments Anton Gavrailov, a Business Development Manager at EyeBill.

The optimality of routing is the highlight of the newly introduced functionality by EyeBill: a VoIP service provider sets rules for generation of different routing plans per each customer group. Each rule is generated by an input of any measurable criteria in the routing engine such as ACD (Average Call Duration), ACC (Average Call Completion) etc. Since VoIP operators are enabled to specify services through any desirable combination of cost and quality, they set the optimal service for their particular target customer groups and according to the general market conditions in their local area of business operations.

In contrast to other routing developments, EyeBill routing model allows for a real-time implementation of “if….., else….” Routing Conditioning: the new routing mechanism calculates the VoIP calling services’ performance in real time, self-monitors those services, and automatically takes measures to boost the service quality until it reaches its predefined by the billing administrator level.

“Every new feature that we introduce comes as a result of our close view at how our customers do business and what they need to turn their operations into a success,” concludes Mr. Gavrailov.

EyeBill VoIP Billing Platform is seamlessly upgraded with new features as the teams of ambitious business and software developers spot and address the hottest trends in the VoIP industry. Now, with its latest functionality, EyeBill allows VoIP operators to perform intelligent routing that helps wholesales and retailers in VoIP industry to cut costs and improve substantially the overall quality of their services.

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