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Improved VoIP services management with the 3.3 release of EyeBill Billing Platform

June 22, 2005 — Sofia, Bulgaria — EyeBill Interactive Solutions Plc, a frontrunner in high-class VoIP Billing and customer care solutions, today announced the introduction of EyeBill VoIP Billing Platform 3.3. The new release will ease up VoIP service providers in creating and managing customer-tailored services for their residential and corporate clients and improve implementation of call routing and inter-carrier settlement procedures for the wholesale clients and partners.

“With our latest software development, we have focused on improved service quality and increased productivity for the EyeBill VoIP Billing users that will ultimately reflect on the overall market performance of the alternative telcos”, comments Mr. G. Metchkarov, Product Manager, EyeBill Interactive Solutions Plc.

EyeBill VoIP Billing Platform 3.3 speeds up the customer service processing and makes the marketing promotion campaigns easier than before thanks to the newly introduced service bundling functionality. A VoIP billing system administrator is able to combine 3 Rate cards (Voice, Fax, Data), along with Special Rate cards per gateway IP, Fees, Prefix replacement rules etc. thus creating a special service configuration. That configuration is stored in the Billing database as a unique service that is later assigned – quickly and easily – to a single client, corporate account, or a series of prepaid calling cards. Operators, who choose the External Dynamic Routing as an add-on to their VoIP Billing Platform, will enrich their service bundles with various Routing plans for their target customer groups.

The new VoIP Billing release also introduces the benefits of improved inter-carrier settlement procedures as the management of the alternative telecoms is already able to perform call recalculation processes for past periods. EyeBill system is redesigned to fit carrier authentication by tech prefix so that a call can be properly billed even if there is no other information about the originating carriers. These functions bring significant increase in the quality of rating and stable revenues even in the cases of human errors that occur often during inter-carrier price settings. Special Point-to-Point carrier rates and new streamlined reports are also introduced to fit the needs of VoIP wholesale businesses.

Along with the highlights in the services administration and inter-carrier relations management, EyeBill VoIP Billing 3.3 also introduces an array of new features in the areas of invoice generation procedures, user rights management and reporting.

For further details on the product, please contact EyeBill at

About EyeBill

EyeBill Interactive Solutions Plc is a dynamic software company, specialized in delivering premium VoIP billing and customer care solutions for large, medium-sized and start-up VoIP operators. Established in 2000 as a joint venture, EyeBill has expanded to cover all VoIP business models – Corporate, Residential, Prepaid, Postpaid, Calling Cards, Call Shop and Wholesale. EyeBill is recognized as a premium billing solutions provider by its customers worldwide and as a major partner of leading VoIP vendors like VocalTec, MERA, Quintum, etc. In recognition of being an all-aspect quality VoIP solutions provider, the company was granted the Eurowards 2002 award, as well as the TMC Best of Show 2005 Award.

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